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The Brand CApsule™

brand strategy

What it is

The Brand Capsule™ is a 10-part brand strategy deliverable that helps mission-driven businesses unlock greater clarity, resonance, and impact with their branding & marketing.

We do this by uncovering the heart, soul, and psyche of your business, aligning its inner purpose with its outward brand identity & positioning.

The Brand Capsule™ is the ultimate foundation for your business, marketing, communications, and sales strategy. This is something your team can both rally around and reference; it’s the guiding light to ensure your company is living its purpose in a clear, impactful way.

Who it's for

This one’s for the mission-driven & the heart-centered – leaders who care to live into their values and believe that purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive.

You may have found yourself a bit off-track, unsure of how to pivot your brand, communicate your message, or align your team as you grow. You might not even be fully clear on your vision or how big it could be.

You’re ready to go from your 1.0 to your 2.0. You're ready to regain confidence and clarity in how you show up in the world. You're ready to reconnect with (and expand) your purpose. You're ready to do big things and make a big impact.

What to expect

Our team will encapsulate the brand components identified & developed throughout our workshops, providing you with a strategy document designed to be a working tool for your business.

The Brand Capsule™ is strategically written to align with the brand positioning & voice, and much of the content can be used externally across company channels (website, social, marketing collateral), giving you a boost to brand communications & execution.

“Hiring Co.Creative for The Brand Capsule™ was one of the best decisions our organization has ever made.”

The Brand CLARITY method

Our process has been designed to extract your wisdom, passion, and experience, and align it with all aspects of your branding and marketing strategy. We move through four phases over the course of 10 weeks:

01 - Insights

Through a series of workshops*, we uncover your brand's psychology, purpose, vision, values, dream client, product or service offering, mission, visual aesthetic, brand or sub-brand name & tagline, and brand voice.

*Workshops are conducted virtually via Zoom, or in-person if in Calgary.

02 - Ideation

We explore and frame the insights we gathered, co-creating options for your brand’s unique positioning and strategic direction.

03 - Development

After landing on one strong brand position and direction, we write and design The Brand Capsule™, connecting with you for input & edits.

04 - Handoff

We conduct a presentation for key team members to discuss how to integrate The Brand Capsule™ into the business’s day-to-day operations. Optionally, we can enhance your brand strategy with a Marketing Resonance Strategy, or help bring the brand to life through web design, logo design, and other creative services.


01  As strategic direction for a rebrand, brand refresh, or brand extension

02 As a foundation for your overall business strategy

03  As a foundation for your marketing strategy & activities — from copywriting, to website design and content, to social media, to visual standards

04  To build your sales and communications strategy, and achieve consistency with the way your brand and offerings (products or services) are presented

05  To gain clarity on how all components of your purpose, brand, and marketing work together

06  For team culture or new hire training (give your team The Brand Capsule and they’ll know who you are, what you do, and how to communicate it)

07  To document your company’s evolution by commissioning an updated edition of The Brand Capsule™ every few years

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