Based in Los Angeles, Canniatric™ provides cannabis, consultations, and community for children with epilepsy, autism, and other pediatric conditions.

Ray Mirzabegian founded Canniatric as a result of seeing the life-changing benefits of medical cannabis first-hand. Ray's daughter, Emily, was suffering from Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that caused her to have hundreds of seizures a week, and used CBD oil to reduce her seizures by 80% – results she had never experienced with western medicine.

After almost a decade in this industry and 14,000 clients later, Ray has become a leading name in the pediatric cannabis community. Admirably, he had done almost everything himself – from the website, to copywriting, to social media, to overseeing package design. He recognized, though, that these brand assets weren't conveying the Canniatric™ message as impactful as it deserved. Ray truly wants to change lives as well as the cannabis industry, and knew that the brand needed to enter its "2.0".

Ray came to us for The Brand Capsule™, website, and package design. Through The Brand Capsule™ process, we dug into the heart & soul of Canniatric™ to expand the powerful messaging and story. Ray shared, "the process was very pleasant and easy. You guys made it very convenient and comfortable."

From there, we worked with our partners at Gratisites to bring the brand to life through a colourful, simple, eye-catching logo and package design:

Inspired by the story and updated branding, we created the website to be bright, engaging, and informative:

In such a competitive industry, we wanted Canniatric’s story & brand to shine. As a result of our work together, Ray said "Our team absolutely feels a renewed purpose and a bigger better vision. Our brand has a very powerful story, but it wasn't told properly up to now. The presentation is so much easier and received better now that we have the new tools and look. Everyone loves the new look and the new website. First impressions are key and I feel like we have created an amazing impression."

We know that Ray and his team have a huge and important mission, and it was an honour to play a role in co-creating that.

If your brand has outgrown its 1.0 and doesn’t properly portray or communicate your true expertise & purpose, connect with us for a free Strategy Call – we’ll explore how we can co-create more resonance, impact, and income for your business.

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