Blue Spark Energy

Headquartered in Calgary and operating internationally, Blue Spark Energy is an innovative technology company that is paving the way towards a more sustainable and dynamic oil & gas industry.

They first came to us seeking a new website, but upon digging into their current positioning and challenges, we noticed that the deeper need was to better define and articulate their unique purpose, vision, and mission – and how that translated into their clients & offerings.

We began The Brand Capsule™ process with a linguistic analysis and Brand Psychology discovery to understand and frame their brand archetype. From there, we dug into their company & brand purpose, vision, values, clientele, offerings, mission, style, name (in this case, for their proprietary tool), and brand voice. Blue Spark Energy wasn't quite ready for a full rebrand, so instead we made some subtle updates to the colour palette and logo to better align the brand with the positioning we uncovered.

Marci, Blue Spark Energy's Director of Corporate Services, shared that "Working through The Brand Capsule with the Co.Creative team was a really unique experience, the process itself was well thought out and your team did a great job of capturing and organizing all of our fragmented and disjointed ideas and commentary. Your team brought some awareness into aspects of the branding conversation that we had never really considered (particularly around color theory and some of the language aspects).

I think the real benefit of The Brand Capsule was in translating vision and ideas into a digestible format that can be shared throughout the organization. While some of us within the executive team had an idea of what we were trying to convey, we struggled to find the balance in tone and content. Your team really brought clarity around that."

Nearing the end of our project, the Blue Spark Energy team welcomed a new VP of Sales to the team. Marci said that "being able to share The Brand Capsule and discuss some of the work and conversations behind it has been beneficial as we work with him to develop a longer term Sales & Marketing strategy." (We love hearing our clients use their Capsule as an onboarding & training guide!) Additional feedback from the Blue Spark Energy team was recognizing "the benefit of having a 'shared language and vision'".

We went on to launch the new website based on what we uncovered in The Brand Capsule™, creating a more simple yet information-rich experience. One of the most notable features of this new site is displaying their 45 case studies in a SEO-optimized manner.

We loved working with this fun and innovative company to help position them as the true experts they are, and can't wait to see how they continue to redefine the oil & gas industry.

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